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"Alice created a warm, open environment in which I was able to expand my ideas about creativity and art. My physical challenges were such that without that change in attitude and outlook I would no longer be able to do my work as an artist. This was a vital bridge for me to cross and I will always be grateful to Alice for helping me to build it."

"From this ex-patient's viewpoint, being part of that project (art therapy) was one of the few things that brought me pleasure and a glimmer of light in a very painful, dark time." ...

"Much appreciation for all you did in art therapy that helped my healing. Wow! What a special way of giving patients help" ...

"Thank you for helping me get back on the road to recovery. I appreciate you teaching me new skills and bringing out my creative side."

"Thank you for the time we spent together. Continue doing the wonderful work you are doing. I've benefitted much from it and pray that God will continue to bless you for so generously sharing your gifts and patience."

"You offer those same gifts of kindness, generosity and respect, again and again to people with all levels of disability and illness. What you bring to your work is an amazing treasure for all the patients you encounter."